Ethan’s Reception

Ethan’s Reception

Dog Adoption leads to Unconditional Love

FiFi was not happy the day Ethan was brought home from the animal shelter... but Ethan was enthralled! Having spent months in doggy jail, Ethan was bound and determined to show his new parents how appreciative he truly was.
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About the Book

Ethan had experienced many emotional ups and downs for numerous months when he was finally adopted by his fur-ever home. Unfortunately that home already had a dog and that miniature white poodle was not very happy to be notified she was getting a brother. While it took time, patience and persistence, Ethan finally proved himself worthy to FiFi by being the best dog he could possibly be.

Genres: Children's, Inspirational, Young Adult
Tags: Adult | Young Adult, Ages 8 and Up, Short Stories
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
Format: e-book
Length: 15 pages
ISBN: 9781370907861
eBook Price: 0.00
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About the Author
Kathleen J. Shields

Kathleen J. Shields is the author of the award-winning educational series, Hamilton Troll Adventures. Each book of the series offers new life lessons for children and answers questions children tend to ask. Hamilton is a curious, adventurous troll who enjoys learning new and teaching his friends what he learned. Each book rhymes, and contains vocabulary words and definitions for harder words. The series also has a curriculum workbook, a coloring book and a brand new cookbook, so children can learn how to cook.

Kathleen also has a dozen additional books ranging in genre of adult, young adult, children's chapter books, and Christian fiction.

She runs her own website and graphic design company; Kathleen's Graphics, blogs inspirational messages and thought provoking topics and attends shows throughout the Texas Hill Country just about every weekend promoting her books.

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