The 4 E’s of Book Writing

Everyone has their own methods and process for what to write and how to write it. Yet in my opinion, no matter what the story is about it should fill the need of one of the four E’s:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Draw Emotion
  • Escape Realty

If the book is a How to or provides some Education then that presents value to the reader. If it is Entertaining, takes you on a journey, makes the reader laugh and/or cry, helps them feel good by the end, that presents value to the reader. But most importantly, readers tend to read to Escape their reality for a little bit of time. They want romance, adventure, to solve a mystery, to be a hero, if your book does that, then you’ve accomplished the reason to get a reader to buy a book.

  • When surveyed, nearly 30% of readers wanted to gain knowledge, to discover information.
  • About 20% were reading for pleasure, searching for enjoyment in the escape of a fun story.
  • 15% wanted to read about drama, seeing a plot unfold, solving a mystery.
  • 10% read anything just to seek some quiet time.
  • 5% were seeking spiritual guidance.
  • 3% wanted to be mentally challenged.

When you look at these numbers you may be inclined to write a self-help book or how-to manual, but education doesn’t have to come in the form of non-fiction instructions. Education can be placed into any story so long as the characters learn something new. Take them to a new location and teach them the ins and outs of the culture. Pull them out of their comfort zone to try things they wouldn’t normally do in real life. Force them to ask the questions they are too afraid to ask and then seek out the answers, and do it all in a book where they can sit safely in the comfort of their favorite chair.

Excite the reader. Energize their mind. Make them Eager to want to pick up your book by Enriching their lives with the Eloquence of your words!