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What is a Critique?

Our Children’s Book Critique service will provide you with expert advice on your initial draft, highlighting your book’s next steps and areas that could be improved upon. A thorough, in-depth analysis of your story will be made. A detailed, annotated response not only pointing out issues that need to be focused on, but also providing helpful suggestions.

Why would I need a critique? It’s just a children’s book.

So, you think your children’s book is ready. You had a friend read through it and found a couple of misspelled words. Your spouse added some extra commas. You are actively on the search for an illustrator or you found an art student from the nearby community college to do them. Then, you plan to self-publish through KDP. Why on Earth would you need to pay for a critique? You don’t, necessarily.

You could join a local book critique group (this is different from a writers group, but a local writers group is a great place to start.) There are many writers groups out there who may be helpful. They may just look at grammar and punctuation or you may find a rare gem in the group. You could find a grandmother of ten who know exactly what their grand kids are interested in. You may find a librarian who is so well-schooled, she can tell you that your topic wouldn’t be popular. Or you may even find a retired teacher who can help you find a roundabout way to polish your anti-bullying book.

Someone there may even know that the transcendent vocabulary that you utilized prodigiously, may not fit the age group of your intended reader (you used big words). But are you willing to bet the success of your book on chance encounters?

Children’s Book Critique Services

This is why we are offering a full and thorough children’s book critique. We will read through your manuscript. Locate any words or phrases that are not age appropriate. Verify that your story line flows properly. Make sure you are not utilizing trademarked content or referencing pop culture or dated material that would limit or jeopardize the life of your book. I will provide a comprehensive response detailing practical suggestions and ways to improve your story, and I may even suggest alternative ideas, plots, endings or whatever I can that will help your story shine.

Offering paid critique services for all children's books. Let us help your fine-tune your message, make your vocabulary is age appropriate,

Children’s Book Critique Services: $20

Why are we charging $20 for this service? Do you think our time, talent, experience, and time are not worth it? (Yes, I mentioned time twice.) I do spend a lot of time on my critiques. While a children’s book may take 5 or 10 minutes to read through, I look into it further. I think about the characters, the setting, the subject, and the action. I’ll make sure the plot works, is age appropriate, and understandable. I make sure the protagonists and antagonists display an appropriate perspective. That the moral or theme of the story is clear. That the elements connect cohesively.

Why get your book critiqued?

Isn’t a critique like criticism? Isn’t a critique subjective? Yes, to a point, but would you rather that subjective criticism come before you’ve paid an illustrator and printed up a hundred books to sell? Wouldn’t you want to hear it from me, via email, rather than a book reviewer on Amazon where the entire world could see?

More importantly, do you feel like you could do better? Push yourself to excel. You may think your story is perfect but are you objective enough? You are too close to it. A family member is not going to want to hurt your feelings (not that I will intentionally hurt your feelings). A fellow writer may not want to see a competitor get better, or they may critique you until you are blue in the face, ready to give up the ghost instead of taking that big chance.

I know that every time I have ever had a book critiqued, I went back to the drawing board, reworked things and what came out after was so much better than I ever expected it could be. I looked back at the original and cringed. And every time that critique made my writing better. I am, who I am, thanks to constructive critiques. Without a doubt.

Why is this service only for Children’s Books?

Two reasons. First, my educational training and selling experience make me remarkably suited for this endeavor. As an author of a couple dozen children’s books, I have seen what children are drawn to, what stories they are most interested in and what draws in the parents, grandparents and teachers. As a publisher of children’s books, I know what to look for, what stories, moral lessons and content I would be proud to publish our logo on. Even if we don’t publish your book, our opinion should matter, as traditional publishers take their time (and money) even more seriously than I do.

The second reason is time. I just don’t have the time to read a long manuscript. I want to focus on what I know and help others put out the best children’s books we can because children are our future and we need them to be as educated as possible.

Stories in Verse – Rhyming Books

Additionally, stories in verse (rhyming stories) are my forte. I love rhythmic poetry that tells a story. A rhyming tale with a fun, bouncy flow, leaps from your tongue like a song. It sticks with me, as it does with children for the rest of their lives.

Say your book is a rhyming story, this critique is going to be much more difficult for you. I will help you see your repetitive stanzas, find ways to cut and condense your message and have a perfect bouncy flow. When a parent reading a rhyming book aloud, looses the flow or finds the meter off and they stutter or lose their way when telling the story, it messes with the flow of bedtime and you don’t want that.

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Are ready to begin your children’s book critique? Lets get started. Just fill out the form below. Once your story has been submitted and payment confirmed, I will be in touch. Most critiques take less than a week to complete but it is also dependent upon my work load, whether I am backlogged and of course holidays and weekends. I will email you upon receipt and if you don’t hear back from me in a timely manner after that, just email me for an update or as a reminder.

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Please Note: The $20 fee covers the time of reading your story, and writing one detailed critique. If you have a few questions I will answer those as I can. Back and forth conversations that continue past a detailed critique and a few explanations, may have additional time billed. My goal is to be economical and helpful, but I have to make sure that my time does not get taken advantage of. Thank you for your understanding.