About Erin Go Bragh Publishing

This publishing company was created to be the backbone behind the author. It offers credibility to each published book because business-minded professionals stand behind the work. In the self-publishing world, where authors publish books that haven’t been professionally edited, formally critiqued, and/or properly formatted, readers are starting to become wary of books by individuals. A stigma is developing around the term Indie author or self published that helps no one.

The customer needs to know that the book they are considering purchasing, is worth their hard-earned money. That’s where we come into play.  When a book is published by Erin Go Bragh Publishing, the customer, the reader, and the author knows it has a better chance at success.

Kathleen J. Shields founded Erin Go Bragh Publishing after deciding that she wanted to self-publish her children’s books so she could retain creative control over the illustrations and designs. That being said, self-publishing has a stigma of “not being good enough” and Shields’ knew that her books were. She learned that many publishing houses were retooling to go all electronic and weren’t considering picture books at the time. She also learned that many of the ‘self-publishing houses only provided paperback book options and Shields’ wanted Hardback as well. Hardback children’s books stand up to the test of time on library bookshelves. They also offer thin children’s books the valuable space on the spine for the title to be seen when on that bookshelf.

So with a goal in mind, Shields’ researched and learned as much as she could about the publishing industry. While there is still a lot to learn (and always will be) she has been successful in publishing multiple hardback books, more than a dozen paperbacks and a barrel of eBooks.  She creates interior graphics, designs the book covers, and does all of the marketing and promotion herself. While that alone is a lot of work, Shields’ considers this her second job. Her first being website and graphic design, where she has also taught herself video creation. These abilities make her invaluable to the new author who finds themselves in need of a website, social media, business cards and bookmarks, banners, book trailers, and the like.

As members of the Independent Book Publishing Association we keep track of new technologies, latest news and publishing options available to us. They provide marketing opportunities, helpful information and publishing tidbits, that if we find worthy, we will gladly pass along to you.

Erin Go Bragh translates to Ireland Forever

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