Learn some Book Selling Etiquette

The Etiquette of Book Selling by author Kathleen J. Shields
The Etiquette of Book Selling

Our author and founder, Kathleen J. Shields, has written a simple how-to book in hopes of teaching some well-needed etiquette to those who find themselves in the public domain attempting to promote and sell their own books. It covers an array of topics, but primarily focuses on the best way to make a good first impression and establish a fan-base. Here what the author had to say about it, here:

Award Winning Author Kathleen J. Shields

I have been promoting and selling my books for over two decades. During that time, I have discovered that my most rewarding and profitable sales come from face-to-face contact. I do as many events as I can, out in the public, in front of the people, and have thoroughly enjoyed making these connections with my fans.

However, over that time I have seen many faux paus that other authors have made while at book festivals and signings that I have been hoping to address. Sometimes it is just not appropriate to point out what others are doing wrong, so I tend to not speak up at the time. That is what inspired my latest book.

The Etiquette of Book Selling

Learn tips and tricks on how to make the best first impression. Discover decorating ideas for you and your display. Impress your customers with sales etiquette that will inspire positive communications.

I cover more than two decades worth of faux pas and etiquette don’ts that I have seen in the book-selling industry. I also share tips and tricks on getting sales without being pushy and keeping your transactions quick yet friendly.

Find it on Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/1956581081