We Specialize in Children’s Books

Erin Go Bragh Publishing Specializes in Children's Books

Erin Go Bragh Publishing
specializes in children’s books.

It is a true joy to watch a colorfully illustrated children’s book (or slightly longer black and white chapter book) come to life. Our goal is to be a high-quality, affordable solution for getting your book professionally published. We provide a unique partnership with authors where we assist you, and use our experience and guidance to lead you in the right direction. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Editorial and Developmental Review
  • Illustrator Pairing, with Diligent Managing
  • Interior Page Design
  • Cover Creation and Design
  • ISBN & Barcodes
  • Printed Books/Inventory
  • E-Books*
  • Distribution
  • Press Release
  • Book Trailer
  • Printed Media
  • Websites, Social Media and More

Book Editing Services

While we prefer you submit a book that has already been edited and polished, some people don’t feel the need in smaller children’s books (and that is expected). If we read through your manuscript and decide to take on the project, we will (if need be) make edits, critiques and suggestions to make the story better, and publishable through our company. We not only look at spelling and grammar mistakes, punctuation and other minor errors, we also look at vocabulary (does it fit the readers level) content, is that child-acceptable, does it fit out morals and standards? Does it portray a positive, loving, safe message? For us to take on your project, it must.

Illustration Costs

Illustrations can be costly depending on the type of illustration and style you want. Some illustrators who are new and just starting out may give you a discount to gain exposure and those prices can range between $10-$15 per character up to $25-$50+ per illustrated page.  More popular illustrators or those who use non-computer generated art, like water color, colored pencil/marker, or other artistically enhanced visual expression with deep lights and shadows, muted colors, three dimensional animation, unique flares and other such styles can charge a whole lot more. You could easily go from $500 to $5000 depending on what you want.

The first step is to decide on a style, let us find an illustrator or three that may fit your needs and then go from there. Pairing your story with the right illustrator, while fitting your budget and possible time constraints can be a tedious and difficult prospect, but the benefits are well worth it when you see your completed story book.

Our children’s book illustrators provide excellent quality and timely delivery.

Illustrator Management

After pairing your project with the right illustrator, we submit a detailed storyboard list, describing each character, scene, color preference and the feeling and intent of each given illustration so the illustrator can portray that in their work. We diligently manage the illustrations through each step of sketches, critiques, edits, and even provide those samples to the author (if need be) to verify the illustrator is on the right path. Once the illustrations are complete we send them to the author to approve or edit.

Interior Design

Our book design services include everything you need for a completely print-ready book. Interior layout consists of, font settings, text layout, inserted illustrations, backgrounds, graphic flourishes, whether the text is embedded within the illustration or on a separate page, stylizing of additional educational or advanced pages, etc. Plus, when your interior file is complete, we even make sure you get your print-ready files for your own records.

Book Cover Creation

Book covers must tell your story, so they must be designed to convey the theme of your story. The illustration choices and placement, fonts, and even the message in the back need to sell your story to the person who picks it up and glances at your book. We utilize the interior illustrations to fulfill that need and embellish them if necessary to express the message fully.

Children’s Book Cover Samples

Book Trailers

If you want a video created to promote your book, we can make that happen. We take our personal preference for the style and feel of your book to coordinate a message/script backgrounds, music, etc. and work with video creators to render a 30 second to 1 minute long video that you can share on YouTube, social media and your website.  We use your completed book cover and can even add in illustrations or even just characters to make your trailer unique.

View Some of Our Book Trailers Here:

Author Website

If you don’t have an online profile, social media presence, etc. You may want to get one. An author website talks about you, your experience, your qualifications and your book. It provides tips and teasers of the book, marketing like downloadable coloring pages, short stories, extra’s, other books, upcoming projects/books/shows/meet the authors, scheduling, school visits you’ve done, things you would share with classes, your video teleconferencing capabilities and contacts, online book sales, your book trailer, video and published interviews, articles, press releases and reviews, and so much more. You can write a blog to keep people coming back, have one location for everything you and your book(s), social media and even press related content. Media packages like headshots, downloadable book covers for articles, all of the relevant book information, where to buy it, etc. An author website is a must-have.

Book Promotion Services:

Social Media

This, along with an author website, which is the most important thing an author can have in his/her repertoire, there’s also social media profiles; (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so many others are available) for you to implement. Each website has its own options for profile picture, background and other personalizing settings. Therefore, we can create graphics that fit their options so your branding is seamless across the board. While it is difficult if not impossible to keep up with every platform, the more you do, the easier it is for people to find you.

Printed Materials

Other things we can do is custom design your traditional printed marketing materials; (bookmarks, business cards, postcards, posters, banners, table runners, flyers, etc.) We will not JUST put a book cover on the materials and leave it at that, we utilize everything we have to make your printed selections as visually appealing as possible. From custom backgrounds, graphics, character implementation, connective fonts and styles, we make sure you stand out in a crowd.

Press Release

We can write a press release and distribute it for you. That being said, a Press release is just that; news-worthy articles that could be picked up by the press. “I wrote a book.” or “My children’s book was published” is not a press release. “My children’s book teaches about how to curtail bullying” or “This children’s book takes on the horrible aftereffects of childhood obesity and how to deal with it” those are news-worthy press releases. Those articles could get picked up and followed up by interview requests by news organizations. We won’t write a press release and distribute it, if it’s going to fall on deaf ears.

Imparting Expertise

Finally, from someone who has been involved in the industry for more than twenty years, I’ve seen how it has changed, I’ve seen what is necessary and I’ve learned what works, locally. I’ll point you in the right direction for how to get school visits, radio interviews, where to do book shows, what you will need to know and other tips of the trade I’ve learned along the way.

Do you have a children’s book you are interested in seeing come to life?
We specialize in Children’s Books. Submit your story to Erin Go Bragh Publishing.

Erin Go Bragh Publishing Specializes in Children's Books