Author Success with Kickstarter

Author Success with Kickstarter

Authors can find Success with Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website developed about 7 years ago. It has helped authors raise more than $100 million for publishing projects.

If you are low on funds and want to see your book make it big, you need to find ways to raise funds for marketing and publicity purposes. This is an excellent way to bring light onto your book and do that.

That being said, KickStarter (or the other crowdfunding websites) may not be for you or your book. Take into account that the really successful campaigns proposed books with huge marketing appeal. They brought sight of something the masses could get behind. They proposed non-profit organizations that would help people. Merchandise or movie appeal, electronic apps or videos games or something to assist the promotion process – not necessarily JUST a book that someone would read and then put on a bookshelf.

The other catch with a crowdfunding campaign is that you need to have a ton of friends or followers who are willing to assist you financially. This is an important step because without the funds backed by your followers to show to the big potential investors, they aren’t even going to take notice of your project.

Think about it: If your friends and  fans  have no financial support for you, why should they?

Does this mean you shouldn’t try? No way!

It does mean you should be very social long before you announce your campaign. You need fans of your stories, maybe on Wattpad, maybe Facebook or Twitter. You need a huge gathering of people who will be looking forward to your book project and whom will jump when your KickStarter campaign initiates.

Kickstarter is not the only option. There is now Give Send Go, Fundly, Go Fund Me and many more.

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