Author gets Interviewed by Newspaper

Author Peggy Marceaux interviewed by the Herald Zeitung Newspaper

One of our Authors Interviewed by the Newspaper!

Author Peggy Marceaux was interviewed by the Herald Zeitung Newspaper for her amazing work on the educational children’s book “BeakSpeak”. Congratulations Peggy for your recognition.

Within the article, interviewer Lindsey Carnett states “The book, BeakSpeak, is both a fun fable for kids and language workbook helping teach children speaking and writing skills, as well as social skills.” She goes on to say, “The book serves to teach children about chickens and related termminology while also teaching them to be more specific when speaking, breaking up social stereotypes.” Marceaux says “the big message is she hopes that children take away from the book not to judge others by how they look, act or talk.”

Additionally, “The fable carries an anti-bullying message, and teaches children how to talk to, and overcome a bully.”

One of the fun features of the book is that the young chickens names represent their language problems. “There’s All the Same Jayne who uses stereotypes to speak; Nothing New Sue uses cliches; Fill the Space Chase uses filler words like ‘like and ‘uh’ – so they each have a related name problem.”

Author Peggy Marceaux interviewed by the Herald Zeitung Newspaper

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The best part about the book is “at the end there are questions about the text as well as suggested answers” to help get the conversation started and growing.

What an amazing job done by this retired teacher!


Congratulations again!



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