What’s more important to you? The Process

Whether you choose to publish your book with us, continue to scour the globe for a traditional publisher or go the self publishing route, it’s the Process that means the most to the readers.

I have an author who self-published but was terrified of the stigma. What stigma you ask?  The stigma that if you self publish you aren’t good enough. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Did you know that bands do it ALL themselves?

They write the music, practice their songs, perfect the sound and book the gigs all on their own. They market themselves as strongly as anyone in hopes of some big music label finding them, which may or may not ever happen. And they do it all – not to become rich – but TO DO IT!

You were given a gift – the gift or writing.

You wrote your book – it’s time to share your story. And if you publish that story, either through a small press like us or go about it alone, the point is, you did it. It’s the process, from writing and editing, to deciding on a book cover, to marketing and promoting the book, to scheduling book signings and doing tradeshows, to discussing it on social media and really putting yourself out there. The Process of being a published author – of seeing your dream become reality. Of holding your book in YOUR hands and selling it to someone.

Do you know how many people never follow through on the process? Never actually write the book or never actually publish it for fear of “not being good enough”? Don’t become one of those people. Write the absolute best book you can. Work HARD on it. Edit it – don’t just throw it out there assuming people won’t mind the mistakes. Work HARD on your cover. Work HARD on marketing it. This is not an easy job (and it IS a job) but it WILL be the most rewarding.

If you aren’t a graphic designer, if you simply can’t figure out formatting, if you need help ‘self publishing’ find a small publishing house that can and will be willing to do it for you… the point is – DO IT!

Follow the Process and Ride that Crazy Road
as far as it will take you!