Dream World Defenders

Dream World Defenders

Six kids go into the dream world and can do ANYTHING they want!

What would you do if you could do anything? Gathering for an epic, out-of-this-world adventure, the group discovers a place that is literally impossible to wake up from.

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About the Book

What would you do if you could do anything? This is the question Parker, Justin, Blake, Owen, Kaylee and Ryan ask themselves, when they arrive in the dream world. Of course they had to face their own fears first. Nightmares consisting of being chased, falling and arriving in class wearing just your underwear were keeping them all awake at night. But Ryan’s mom had taught him about dreams including how to control his dreams, so helping these five was just the beginning. Once inside the dream, the ultimate challenge began. Gathering for an epic, out-of-this-world adventure, the group discovers a place that is literally impossible to wake up from.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Educational, Fantasy, Tween
Tags: Best Sellers, Tween: Ages 8 and Up
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback
Length: 190
ASIN: 1941345239
ISBN: 9781941345238
List Price: $9.99
eBook Price: $2.99
Dream World Defenders by Kathleen J. Shields is a story filled with adventure, fantasy, and whimsy, and will pull readers into the world of six kids – Blake, Justin, Kaylee, Owen, Parker, and Ryan – who find themselves in the dream world. They find themselves having nightmares of being chased, coming to class in their underwear, and falling. This keeps them awake at night and they want to know how to control their dreams. Ryan knows how to control his dreams as his mother had taught him, and now it rests on his shoulders to teach the others how to handle their nightmarish dreams. Will he succeed in helping the other five or will they get trapped in their dreams and never wake up? The theme is original and the dreams these kids experience are magical and will transport readers to another dimension, making them imagine and become more creative in their thinking. The six kids are adorable, real, and relatable, and young readers can connect well with them and their problems. The plot is not only adventurous, but also challenging, and has layers to it that will keep readers glued to the book till the very end. The author’s narration is descriptive, colorful, and vivid, and that makes the scenes and characters come alive in front of readers’ eyes.
My son couldn’t put this book down. You got his attention and held it for hours. I couldn’t believe it!
– Samantha
WOW! What an amazing adventure! The story captivated me from the beginning and when the children started their big adventure, I simply couldn’t put the book down. Kathleen has out done herself with this book.
– Linda
I read your New Book last night & I have to tell you…YOU ARE ONE CREATIVE LADY!! I told a good friend of mine about your book as he ‘home schools’ his 9 to 11 yr granddaughters AND on Monday, the lessons they are starting are, “Writing your own story’…..He flipped out when I told him about your book. I’m sure you will have stories from them.
– Bobby
My son wanted me to tell you, he loves your book. He asked me, “Mom is it ok if I read it again?” My response was, “Of course, it’s yours – read it all you want!” He goes on to say, “You have to hear this so I’m going to read it to you too!” He loves it soooo much. Thank you, this book has been THE book to get him reading on his own.
– Laura
Dreamworld Defenders is a roller coaster ride of adventures! Kathleen Shields entertains readers with a fast-paced story with engaging characters and plot twists that are not to be believed. I’ve read several books by this author and feel this is her best book yet. If you love dreaming you can fly, or that your a rock star, or that your a hero – this is the book for you.
– Stefanie
My son is not an avid reader, he tends to pick up a book and start it but not finish it. This book held his attention and really excited him towards the end. He couldn’t put it down then wanted to read it again when he was done! I think the author did an excellent job at telling a story that will keep children’s interests piqued.
– Marge
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About the Author
Kathleen J. Shields

Kathleen J. Shields is an award-winning author having won First Place Best Educational Children’s Series from the Texas Association of Authors for “The Hamilton Troll Adventures”. The Hamilton Troll series is educational and inspirational, teaching young children social skills, animal characteristics and how to handle real-life situations.

While awaiting illustrations, Shields’ writes chapter books for Tweens. While still infusing education into each story, Kathleen endeavors to entertain young readers, igniting a desire to read that will span a lifetime.

Shields’ also runs a website and graphic design company called Kathleen’s Graphics. She designs colorful, eye-catching websites, logos and advertisements for businesses and authors. She enjoys being challenged to learn new things.

Additionally, Kathleen writes an inspirational and educational blog regarding her endeavors as an author as well as a business woman and Christian. Her views are always light-hearted and thought-provoking and are intended to get the reader thinking.

For more information about the author, and her books, please visit: www.KathleensBooks.com or follow her blog at: www.KathleenJShields.com