Congratulations Angel Dunworth! Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award

Congratulations to Author Angel Dunworth for her win with the Literary Titan Book Award Contest and her, now, award-winning book, “Sir Dee-O-Gee, The Dog Who Saved My Life”.

It is always exciting for us to see one of our authors win well-earned recognition for their hard work! Let us share in congratulating this very deserving author, Angel Dunworth and that wonderful dog named Sir.

Literary Titan Editorial Review

Sir Dee-O-Gee: The Dog Who Saved My Life, by Angel Dunworth, is a heartwarming children’s book revolving around Anna Saint Anne, an elderly woman, her family, and an unexpectedly endearing canine companion. The book opens with Anna’s life with her daughter Layla and grandson Ellis, highlighting their close bond through simple pleasures like playing cards and enjoying snacks. The narrative takes a turn when Ellis introduces a pit bull mix, Sir Dee-O-Gee, into Anna’s life, initially as a temporary arrangement. This introduction marks the beginning of Anna’s journey toward embracing new experiences and shaking up her previously routine life.

Dunworth’s writing style is notable for its realistic portrayal of characters, infused with subtle humor and irony, making the story both engaging and relatable. This transformation in Anna’s life, driven by the companionship of Sir Dee-O-Gee, is skillfully depicted, illustrating how this new relationship leads her to venture out of her comfort zone. In addition, her interactions with her neighbor, Mr. Finchley, add another layer of warmth to Dunworth’s narrative.

The canine character Sir Dee-O-Gee is a standout, particularly memorable for his distinct smile, which adds a unique charm to the story. The connection to a real-life dog, Dundee, whose photograph is featured in the book, enhances the emotional impact of the tale.

Dunworth showcases Anna’s reflections on her past and her gradual embrace of new adventures and friendships. The story subtly conveys the message that aging is not just about looking back but also about adapting and finding joy in new experiences. The blend of emotional elements like nostalgia and happiness is seamlessly executed, making the story appealing to a wide audience.

I recommend Sir Dee-O-Gee: The Dog Who Saved My Life for dog enthusiasts and anyone looking for a tale that captures the essence of overcoming life’s hurdles with a positive spirit. It’s an engaging read that beautifully balances emotional depth with light-hearted moments, meriting a solid recommendation for its well-crafted story-line and endearing characters.

Sir Dee-O-Gee, The Dog Who Saved My Life by author Angel Dunworth
Sir Dee-O-Gee, The Dog Who Saved My Life by author Angel Dunworth

About the Book

Anna Saint Anne is an elderly widow. Disabled and disenchanted with her age, she spends all of her days staring out the window… When her young grandson surprises his Grandma with a present…. A huge brown and white pit-bull, named Sir Dee-O-Gee, the laughter and love that grows between the enormous, ever-smiling dog, and his elderly owner, will bring a giggle or two to the reader. The moving story explores life outside of ourselves. Sir Dee-O-Gee, is an awesome addition to any book collection.

Award-wining poet and artist, Angel Dunworth, writes on aging, disability, mourning and a return to society in this quirky thought-provoking book. She openly advocates the Animal Defense Leagues’ Seniors for Seniors program, saying, “It is very important to be able to adopt a dog, especially if you’ve become a shut-in. It’s a simple way to provide not only well-needed company but also perfect love. An animal’s reliance on us can quickly go from mandatory to miraculous.”