Last DK Cowboy

Who 1s George Fischer? 2005 was the year the books closed on the near two hundred section ranch called the DK Ranch. After more than fifty years as a cowhand and later their chief honcho, I sadly became my pen name, THE LAST DK COWBOY. Join me now by enjoying these true tales, here, and in successive books about a rewarding, exciting, adventurous life among bronco horses, wild cattle and wilder cowpunchers. Ridin’ out in all of Arizona’s natural wonders. These tales, although unusual, are just as I remembered them. To all who have ever wanted to be a cowboy here’s a chance to spend exciting days with me as your sidekick-saddlepard.
“Saddle Up! We’re Burning’ Daylight.

True Stories and Rhymes of the Range

True Stories and Rhymes of the Range


Here are but a few of many true adventures offered to you in story and poem with a snapshot for each. A rare introduction to cowboy life on the vast ranges of central Arizona. For a taste of real ranch life read this introduction to future books written by an author who has experienced it all from the back of a cow-horse. A steed as tough and as wild as the mountains and rocky
canyons they daily traveled. Come along with him and know first hand these exciting days. Quickly now!
“There Ain’t many Of Us Left” THE LAST DK COWBOY

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