Judy Rinker (JARinker) has been an educator, entertainer and organizer throughout her life. After graduating from high school, she earned several University Degrees, taught junior high school through college for 18 years, co-owned and operated a guest ranch for 27 years (chief cook and bottle washer) and has now been “free lancing” for the past 14 years.
She has never experienced a dull moment in her life which can be attributed to her ability to keep moving forward in her life’s journey and to laugh at all of life’s foibles. Judy considers life an ongoing adventure while exploring the four corners of the earth, making new friends everywhere and constantly striving to excel in all her endeavors.
Judy would like to give full credit for who she is to her family, her teachers and her friends who helped to furnish a firm foundation which has allowed her to continue Skipping Between The Raindrops throughout her life.

Skipping Between The Raindrops

Skipping Between The Raindrops

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This rollicking, heartfelt memoir relates the adventures and escapades of a country tomboy growing up surrounded by wheat fields in Western Kansas in the 1930-1940’s. She was encouraged in her inspiring life by a caring family, interesting neighbors, rambunctious friends, challenging teachers and a host of other fellow travelers along the way.

Come along and join in the work and play moments of Judy’s childhood as she skips between the raindrops while leading a charmed, funny and joyous life “down on the farm”. Her wish for you is to laugh out loud and to remember and to share your own adventures while experiencing hers.

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