Preston Mitchum, Jr.

Preston Mitchum Jr. has dedicated his life to giving back and making a difference. Born in Bronx, New York his family moved to Langley Park, MD in 1981.

Preston Jr. is a graduate of Towson State University where he took his love for video and became an 18 year veteran news photographer for WMAR-TV in Baltimore, Maryland.

During this time, he founded The PMJ Foundation to create change in the Baltimore community. Its’ vision is to impact families through programs and services that offer positive growth. The foundation has served thousands throughout Maryland. His Career Awareness Project (CAP) after- school program brings the professional world to the classroom, where volunteers engage with at-risk youth to explore the infinite possibilities of college and career choices.

A portion of the proceeds of “Positive Vibes” will support the programs that the PMJ Foundation offers.

Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes

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It’s a known fact that a smile releases endorphins, which improve your mood, helps you relax, and lowers your blood pressure. Smiling is good for your health and so is Positive Thinking.

When you find the positive’s in life, focusing on the bright side,      seeking happiness and believing in yourself, you in turn send positive vibes into the world. Others around you can feel your positive energy, and this in turn helps them - a Positive aspect to your Positive Vibes.

This book helps you focus on the good situations in your life, and the gifts you are given each day. Feel grateful for a sunny day. Appreciate the life giving water when it rains. Stop to appreciate the wonderful beauty this world has to offer, and laugh whenever you can.

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