BEAKSPEAK – A Fable & Language Workbook

BEAKSPEAK  –  A Fable & Language Workbook

Understand diversity, Enhance Communication, Kindness can defeat bullying

A diverse group of young chickens will learn to understand each other better in this colorfully illustrated story.

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About the Book

A diverse group of young chickens will learn to understand each other better in this colorfully illustrated story. BeakSpeak is designed to help young people accept their differences and build confidence, through speech validation.

In-depth discussion, alongside enclosed questionnaire sheets (with suggested answers), Ms. Marceaux’s goal is to enhance communication skills which will help young people succeed in their future relationships and careers.



This is a perfect book for teachers and home-school parents to present to their classes and students. As the students read through the pages, the enclosed questions can be asked directly after reading that page or at the end of the story. It is designed to get the conversation started so the students can discuss how the chickens should be more specific when they are speaking. This will in-turn help to eliminate bias and stereotypes.

BeakSpeak a fable and language workbook by author Peggy Marceaux, retired teacher

There are even suggested answers which can also be brought into the discussion to include ideas that the students and/or teachers haven’t discovered.


  • Guides teachers, parents and students through correcting common speaking errors.
  • Teaches critical thinking skills while building confidence and social awareness.
  • Makes students think for themselves instead of relying on stereotypes.
  • Demonstrates how kindness defeats Bullying.
  • Provides workbook questions and suggested answers. *

*(See BeakSpeak Worksheets and Answers
in Book Resources section below:)

Series: BeakSpeak
Genres: Educational, Fable, Tween
Tags: Activity Books, Tween: Ages 8 and Up
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Hardback, e-book
Length: 44 Full Color pages
Illustrator: Mike Forshay
ISBN: 9781941345306

List Price: 17.95
eBook Price: 4.95
Excellent book that includes life lessons, the importance of proper English, and understanding diversity. This book helps to build communication skills through her cute chicken characters.
– Sheryl Kelehan
This book could be used to teach so many different topics in a classroom. Read it to a class when studying fables, or when you need a lesson on bullying or stereotypes. It would also be a great example of descriptive writing. The characters illustrations are cute and colorful, and will definitely help keep a students attention.
– Leslie Powell
BeakSpeak is as charming as it is educational. In an age of virtual communication and “internet lingo”, teaching precise and clear language is as important as ever. Peggy Marceaux does that in an imaginative, endearing and humorous way with her beloved chickens. She brings the characters to life, combining storytelling with language lessons in a way that doesn’t feel like learning. The workbook format is straightforward and approachable. I believe BeakSpeak will be an asset to any learning environment and will be enjoyed by teachers and students alike.
– Kristen Grady
In Peggy Marceaux’s new book, BeakSpeak, children are afforded an opportunity to think critically about interacting appropriately in today’s world. Many times, children – and adults! – try to lump people into categories, whether it’s because of someone’s looks, actions or beliefs. BeakSpeak addresses difficult issues, such as bullying and cruelty, and takes children on a journey with beautifully illustrated chicken characters, each with different character traits. These various traits are what spark necessary conversations, not only in contemporary classrooms, but in today’s climate. BeakSpeak encourages children to see everyone’s differences, and that those differences are what make people special, not something to be criticized. This book teaches children not to make assumptions about people or situations without investigating the real reasons behind the actions of others. BeakSpeak teaches children about what’s right and wrong in relation to interacting with peers as well as showing respect and order in a classroom. BeakSpeak brings to light how each child has the duty to speak up – not only for themselves, but for others. BeakSpeak will be an indispensable part of any classroom. I urge teachers to share this book with their classes and address situations found in this witty book, which includes a worksheet with answers to help teachers guide children in learning these valuable life lessons.
– Lori
This book is a very contemporary fable which addresses problems today’s elementary students face. Each of the characters exhibits behaviors our children are exposed to on a daily basis such as anger, bullying, and incorrect language use. The kind, patient, and wise Ms. Goldspeak leads her chicken students through thought-provoking and considerate solutions. I highly recommend this book to all teachers, parents, and grandparents who spend time with an elementary student. It is a colorful and entertaining help in discussing their behaviors and stresses. And they will learn something about chickens as well! Patricia Plunk Grandmother of a 9-year old boy
– Patricia Plunk
What a delightful little story. As I read, I could picture kids performing it as a skit. It provides so many openings for children to explore their own feelings, and at the same time consider how their words might be affecting their classmates. Lesson questions are suggested to guide young readers toward a discovery of just how much the right words cheer us and the wrong ones hurt us. Each of the story’s actors becomes an endearing little creature because of the wonderful illustrations. This book offers such a wide array of both language and life skills for teachers and parents to explore with their children.
– Angela Dudley
BeakSpeak is a labor of love: love for teaching, love for children, and love for tolerance. — Danette Bermea, English Teacher at Comal ISD, Texas
– Danette Bermea
Older elementary age children will enjoy this fun, entertaining book that accentuates the author’s love of chickens and language. Excellent use of storytelling built around both academic and social lessons. Ann Farmer, Elementary and Special Education Teacher, Irving ISD, Hurst-Eulist-Bedford ISD, and Spring Branch ISD, 33 years
– Ann Farmer
About the Author
Peggy Marceaux

Peggy Marceaux is a retired English teacher who lives in Canyon Lake, Texas. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Lamar University and her Masters of Arts from the University of Houston, where she specialized in British Literature.
Ms. Marceaux taught for 32 years; 11 in the Alvin Independent School District and 15 in the Comal Independent School District in TX, Chairing the High School English Departments in both.
Having raised chickens for twenty years, she loved the diversity among the breeds. This inspired “BeakSpeak”; a story designed to help young people accept their differences and build confidence, through speech validation. Ever the English teacher, Ms. Marceaux believes the earlier you teach children language precision, the better it will help them succeed in their future relationships and careers.