Pawsitive Vibes – Dogs

Pawsitive Vibes – Dogs

Pawsitive Vibes - Dogs

PAWsitive Vibes - Dogs connects quirky and funny dog antics and inspirational messages to help you have a positive outlook on life.

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About the Book

PAWsitive Vibes – Dogs is an inspirational collection of stories combining funny dog antics with motivational messages.

Dogs are quirky, playful, clumsy balls of joy wrapped in fur with wiggly little butts. They can sense our emotions, have become our social companions and their unconditional love can teach us so much about our own lives. Our dogs can teach us obedience, loyalty, support and trust.  Their enthusiasm for life, encourages laughter, good cheer and a plethora of heart-warming and hilarious moments. This book hopes to present many of these inspirational messages in a positive, light-hearted way.

PAWsitive Vibes is for dog lovers of all kinds to learn from our favorite K9s, how to live, how to grow and how to influence others with your positive outlook on life.

Award-winning author Kathleen J. Shields and fellow author Preston Mitchum, Jr of Positive Vibes are proud to present this fun-loving, quirky devotional for all to enjoy.

Series: Positive Vibes
Genre: Inspirational
Tag: Self Help
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781956581096
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About the Author
Kathleen J. Shields

Kathleen J. Shields is an award-winning author having won First Place Best Educational Children’s Series from the Texas Association of Authors for “The Hamilton Troll Adventures”. The Hamilton Troll series is educational and inspirational, teaching young children social skills, animal characteristics and how to handle real-life situations.

While awaiting illustrations, Shields’ writes chapter books for Tweens. While still infusing education into each story, Kathleen endeavors to entertain young readers, igniting a desire to read that will span a lifetime.

Shields’ also runs a website and graphic design company called Kathleen’s Graphics. She designs colorful, eye-catching websites, logos and advertisements for businesses and authors. She enjoys being challenged to learn new things.

Additionally, Kathleen writes an inspirational and educational blog regarding her endeavors as an author as well as a business woman and Christian. Her views are always light-hearted and thought-provoking and are intended to get the reader thinking.

For more information about the author, and her books, please visit: or follow her blog at: