Snapshots from Home

Snapshots from Home

Stories from Dysfunctional High School

Snapshots From Home is a short-story collection written to open discussions between parents and teens on real topics that face kids today.

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About the Book

Shadows Under the Streetlight

We find our comfort where we can get it. We all have different tools. Some go to the church and that works well for them. Others may find power in knowledge. It matters little how you choose as long as when you choose you think it through. Every action has a pay-off but every action has a consequence too. Sometimes consequences last forever… isn’t the rest of your life worth ten more minutes of consideration? As Shakespeare said, “What is done can not be undone.”

These stories are considerations, simple snap shots of moments that hang in time… they hang in the mind, in the soul… only to remind us that others’ views may not always be our own. They remind us to look at those snapshots… realize our consequences… consider our own personal truth without disregard to others.

This book was written to help, not offend. We are not judging, we are openly sharing our feelings, disclosing our thoughts, with the intention of finding our halos; no matter how tarnished. If we can find it within our hearts to tell the truth, without fear of persecution, that alone will bring the hope we are seeking. The halo may dim but it is always there, within ourselves, and it really doesn’t take much to get it to shine again.
Truth you see, shines brighter than a beacon, shines so brightly that even the blind can see it.

Truth is a gift from above. Holy men seek it. Scientists seek to prove it. Even a degenerate will tear apart others in trying to claim it. Funny isn’t it? That it was inside us all along, hiding in our souls as all halos will. But once we’ve told that truth and respected the truth of others that halo will shine for all the world to see. Sort of proves that the universe is not without a sense of irony, doesn’t it?


Genres: Crime, Young Adult
Tags: Adult | Young Adult, Self Help, Short Stories
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
Length: A collection of short stories
ISBN: 9780988274594

List Price: 7.95
eBook Price: 2.99
The stories are enough to pull you out of your comfort zone... but they will get the conversation started with your teen, and that's all we can ask for.
– K
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About the Author
Angel Dunworth

Angel Dunworth was born in Rail Road, Pennsylvania and has been trying to write since she could pick-up a crayon. She grew up in Florida and has had poetry published in Amvets newspaper. She has also won such awards as Best New Poet and Editor's Choice Award for poetry.