The New Vietnamese-English Dictionary

The New Vietnamese-English Dictionary
Genre: Educational
Tags: Adult | Young Adult, Best Sellers, Recommended Books, Self Help, Vietnamese
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
Format: Hardback
Length: 1174
ASIN: 1941345492
ISBN: 9781941345498

This is an advanced Vietnamese dictionary with English definitions, compiled with the enrichment of the Vietnamese language in mind.

About the Book

This is an advanced Vietnamese dictionary with English definitions, compiled with the enrichment of the Vietnamese language in mind. This dictionary lists words and expressions used by Vietnamese throughout the ages. It shows local and ethnic dialectal words and phrases and promotes the understanding of the Vietnamese culture past and present.

André Nguyễn Văn Châu's The New Vietnamese-English Dictionary: Việt-Anh Tân Tự Điển is perhaps the most comprehensive reference work (1157 pages) to date that has ever been published in the field of Vietnamese and English language reference. The dictionary is loaded with an extremely rich trove of past-used and present-day words, phrases, and, where possible, appropriate short sentences for illustration. The extensive compilation of the Vietnamese lexicon, which reveals the author's thorough investigation of its etymology, development, and diverse usage, is enhanced by a supply of well-chosen English equivalents and, when necessary, an excellent rendering by the author of the Vietnamese expression into its English counterpart. Given the dearth in reference materials in Vietnamese and English languages as well as English speakers' increasing interest in learning Vietnamese language and culture on the one hand and Vietnamese speakers' need to improve their English skills on the other, this dictionary should appeal to a variety of audiences including researchers, specialists, professionals, students, and lay people.
– Phiet Tran
About the Author
Andre Nguyen Van Chau

Andre Nguyen Van Chau was born in the Citadel of Hue, the old capital of Imperial Vietnam. He grew up with classmates who have become known writers, poets, composers and painters.

After obtaining a doctorate degree in the humanities at the Sorbonne, Paris, he taught English and creative writing at various universities in Viet Nam for twelve years.

In 1975 he began twenty-five years of work for migrants and refugees around the world, ten of which were spent at the head of the International Catholic Migrations Commissions with 84 national affiliates and with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

He has traveled and worked in over 90 countries.

Back to the United States after Geneva he was for ten years the Director, Language and Accent Training at ACS, then Xerox before retiring in Austin, Texas and beginning a new career as a full-time writer.

One of his published works, The Miracle of Hope, has been translated into nine different languages.

The New Vietnamese-English Dictionary, on which he spent an inordinate number of hours in the last twenty years, was finally published in 2014.

He and his wife, Sagrario, have four children: Andrew, married to Jodie Scales, Boi-Lan, married to Rodolphe Lemoine, Michael, married to Rachel La Fleur and Xavier. They have seven grand-children: Katelyn, Géraldine, Alix, Drew, Noah, Isabelle and Luke.