Hamilton Troll meets Fiona Dog

Hamilton Troll meets Fiona Dog

Don't take things that don't belong to you.

Things are going missing, so the animals think someone is stealing. Hamilton Troll doesn't want to believe it, that is, until he gets carried away.

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About the Book

Things are going missing, so the animals think someone is stealing. Hamilton Troll doesn’t want to believe it, that is, until he gets carried away. Dropped onto Fiona’s pile of toys, Hamilton realizes he needs to teach her not to take things, and to return everyone’s stuff so she won’t get in trouble.

Series: Hamilton Troll, Book 10
Genres: Children's, Educational
Tags: Award-Winning Books, Children: Ages 4-7 Years, Rhyming | Poetry
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Hardback
Length: 40
Narrator: Cat Lookabaugh
Illustrator: Leigh A. Klug, Carol W. Bryant
ISBN: 9781941345177
List Price: HB $15.95 | PB $9.95
eBook Price: $4.99
Audiobook Price: $3.49
Hamilton Troll meets Fiona The Dog by Kathleen J. Shields revolves around Hamilton Troll and his adventures. It was a typical day in the woods and everyone was busy. Hamilton heard Amanda Armadillo wail that her broom was missing and, after a while, he heard Rudy Rat screaming that her hat was missing. The animals started to feel that there was someone stealing things and playing foul. Hamilton wanted to resolve the issue and, as he was standing wondering what to do next, he was suddenly pulled up from the ground. He looked up when he was dropped to the ground and was introduced to Fiona the Dog. He saw all the missing stuff in Fiona’s pile and he objected to her saying those things were hers. Would he be able to convince Fiona that the stuff was not hers? The story is adorable and children are introduced to a lot of delightful creatures. The illustrations are lively and vivid; they breathe life into the scenes and characters, and give a good pace and movement to the story. It’s a good bedtime storybook for children and can also be used for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries. The book teaches kids new vocabulary in a fun way. Children will fall in love with the charming Fiona and, like the animals in the story, will want her to come back soon.
I like Fiona, she acts just like my little dog. I’m looking forward to giving this book to my granddaughter when she comes up next month.
– Laura
Fiona is an adorable dog. She acts just like a young child who keeps picking up things they shouldn’t.
– Carole
What a funny way to teach children not to take things. Another good story by Kathleen.
– Anne
About the Author
Kathleen J. Shields

Kathleen J. Shields is an award-winning author having won First Place Best Educational Children’s Series from the Texas Association of Authors for “The Hamilton Troll Adventures”. The Hamilton Troll series is educational and inspirational, teaching young children social skills, animal characteristics and how to handle real-life situations.

While awaiting illustrations, Shields’ writes chapter books for Tweens. While still infusing education into each story, Kathleen endeavors to entertain young readers, igniting a desire to read that will span a lifetime.

Shields’ also runs a website and graphic design company called Kathleen’s Graphics. She designs colorful, eye-catching websites, logos and advertisements for businesses and authors. She enjoys being challenged to learn new things.

Additionally, Kathleen writes an inspirational and educational blog regarding her endeavors as an author as well as a business woman and Christian. Her views are always light-hearted and thought-provoking and are intended to get the reader thinking.

For more information about the author, and her books, please visit: www.KathleensBooks.com or follow her blog at: www.KathleenJShields.com