Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite

Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite

Hamilton Troll is afraid of the rain! Pink Light Sprite will help him overcome his fears.

Meet Hamilton Troll, a fun-loving friend to the forest creatures and quite a unique little troll.

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About the Book

Meet Hamilton Troll, a fun-loving friend to the forest creatures and quite a unique little troll. But Hamilton has a problem, a fear he simply can not control, and it is up to Pink Light Sprite to help him resolve his problem. Follow Hamilton as he takes this exciting journey down the forest path. He will meet new friends that he will always remember and he will in-turn help others when they need him the most.

Series: Hamilton Troll, Book 1
Genres: Children's, Educational
Tags: Award-Winning Books, Best Sellers, Children: Ages 4-7 Years, Recommended Books, Rhyming | Poetry
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Hardback
Length: 44 pages
Narrator: Cat Lookabaugh
Illustrator: Leigh A. Klug, Carol W. Bryant
ISBN: 9780988274501

List Price: HB $15.95 | PB $9.95
eBook Price: $4.99
Audiobook Price: $3.49
The characters are charmingly drawn in soft muted colors with wonderful expression. The use of such opposite characters as a troll and fairy make it appealing to a wide audience. This story is narrated in verse, which is often catchy and clever. It works most of the time, but there a few long passages in which it breaks down so that children may not be able to fully comprehend its meaning. The author does explain some of the more difficult vocabulary words used like transplant and mystique; the definitions are clearly displayed on the same page avoiding the need to flip to a glossary.
– Barbara Mojica
Hamilton Troll is a fun-loving friend to the forest creatures. As preschoolers meet him in this first book of a growing series they will look forward to the next books to see what Hamilton and his friends are doing. In this opener to the series, lovable Hamilton has a big problem. He is afraid of rainstorms because the water floods his home in the ground. Things change when he meets Pink Light Sprite who befriends him while she is waiting for her wings to dry so she can fly again. She helps Hamilton solve his problem and encourages him to be friend to all.
– Hope Irvin Marston
I found this a delightful tale of a troll who meets a new friend and learns a lesson in how to get over his fears. He is also given practical advice on how to protect his home in a storm and how to transplant a plant carefully. He wanders the woods helping the animals and giving out hugs and giggling, which is rather nice. The Illustrations are beautifully done and the colours are not garish or too bright, which I have found in a lot of modern children’s books. However the best bit about this book is the narrative of rhyme which is sophisticated, child oriented and has good rhythm. I can imagine reading this to my granddaughter at quite a pace, and keeping her interest with the words and the fine detail in the pictures. Well deserved five stars.
– Jeanette Skinner
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About the Author
Kathleen J. Shields

Kathleen J. Shields is an award-winning author having won First Place Best Educational Children’s Series from the Texas Association of Authors for “The Hamilton Troll Adventures”. The Hamilton Troll series is educational and inspirational, teaching young children social skills, animal characteristics and how to handle real-life situations.

While awaiting illustrations, Shields’ writes chapter books for Tweens. While still infusing education into each story, Kathleen endeavors to entertain young readers, igniting a desire to read that will span a lifetime.

Shields’ also runs a website and graphic design company called Kathleen’s Graphics. She designs colorful, eye-catching websites, logos and advertisements for businesses and authors. She enjoys being challenged to learn new things.

Additionally, Kathleen writes an inspirational and educational blog regarding her endeavors as an author as well as a business woman and Christian. Her views are always light-hearted and thought-provoking and are intended to get the reader thinking.

For more information about the author, and her books, please visit: www.KathleensBooks.com or follow her blog at: www.KathleenJShields.com